WonderToast Wonders About: The Alphabet!

Teaching preschoolers their alphabet, WonderToast takes your little one from A-Z, exploring some of the world's great culinary delights.

Fun and original letters like: G is for guacamole,
K is for kimchi, and Q is for quesadilla

Keen facts about these foods and their origins accompany
each illustration. Kids and adults alike will learn something new in this charming book...like did you know that an orange is a type of berry?!

color cover, b&w interior, soft-cover, 5.5" x 8.5"

$ 4.00

NOW also available as an eBook!!

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and most
other mobile devices!

Bilingual: "The Unordinary Elephant"

Published in Japanese AND English!

26 pages, full-color, 6"x 9" soft-cover picture book.
ISBN 0-9761606-0-9

The story of an elephant with small ears, but a big heart...
and a boy who isn't afraid to stand up for him. Also about a man named Henry who stands on his hands...and finds that doing your own thing can give you a whole new perspective!

Click here for a history. "Making of: The Unordinary Elephant"

(also available for purchase on amazon.com)


“WonderToast is super cute, super intelligent, and wonders up a super imaginative introduction to the ABC's.”
- Karen Chau, Creator, Nick Jr’s “Ni Hao Kai-lan”

"Zany, fun, and radiating with warmth,WonderToast is proof that there is a place for bread in a low-carb world."
- Steve Marmel, Producer, Disney

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A is for Apple Pie
B is for Bastilla
C is for Cloudberry
D is for Dim Sum
E is for Escargot
F is for Falafel
G is for Guacamole
H is for Hot Dog
I is for Ice Cream Sandwich
J is for Jerk Pork
K is for Kimchi
L is for Lumpia
M is for Matzah Ball
N is for Nigiri
O is for Orange
P is for Pretzel
Q is for Quesadilla
R is for Ravioli
S is for Sopapilla
T is for Tandoori Chicken
U is for Ugali
V is for Vegetables
W is for Waffles
X is for Xigua
Y is for Yorkshire Pudding
Z is for Zucchini
Bilingual Children's Book

Japanese & English
"The Unordinary Elephant"

Spicing up the ABCs

Foods from all over the world teach the alphabet in this unique coloring book!

Emma Never Ate Soup

Emma is a little girl with a good appetite for many delicious foods, with one exception: Emma has never eaten soup!

One summer, Emma and her family embark on a whirlwind, around-the-world vacation. As she travels the globe, Emma has the opportunity to sample many yummy, exotic dishes – but still turns up her nose at every bowl of soup she is offered. Emma is convinced: Soup is not for her!

Will Emma ever change her mind?

Children and parents alike will delight in Jennifer Ventress’ whimsical culinary travelogue, brought to life through Anna States Woltz’ gorgeous illustrations.

Includes recipes for seven different international soups, so every family can bring Emma’s adventures right to their own dinner table!

Exclusively available as an amazon eBook

$ 2.99

This digital book can be read on your computer, kindle, iPad, iPhone,
and most
other mobile devices!

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