WonderToast is not a superhero with special powers, but if he were his superpower would be curiousity. WonderToast wonders about everything around him and he loves to help kids learn along with him!

His first book "WonderToast Wonders About: The Alphabet!" was released in July 2007. He also has his own line of children's clothing with some of his food alphabet friends like "N is for Nigiri" and "G is for Guacamole". WonderToast's next culinary adventure (launch date TBD) will teach numbers, counting, and the five senses!

Anna States (also published as Anna Woltz) is a children's illustrator, foodie, and creator of WonderToast. When she's not drawing food, she works in TV animation.

Where did the idea for WonderToast come from? Teaching and traveling are common in Anna's family. She also has a Sicilian chef for a step-father (lucky, huh?) This culinary exposure, growing up in a very diverse area of California, traveling, and being a mom, have all been great stores of inspiration for the WonderToast adventures.

Check out her other titles:
Emma Never Ate Soup, and The Unordinary Elephant

And of course, Anna's Amazon Author Page is here: Anna States Woltz

WonderToast is dedicated to children's education, cultural understanding, and a clean environment for our future generations. We pride ourselves on working with responsible and eco-friendly companies in both our supplies and our retailers.

Every WonderToast product is Consumer Product Safety Information Act (CPSIA) compliant, which means that they have been XRF lead tested and passed with zero levels on all components. We guarantee the safety of all our clothing and books and can provide a General Certification of Compliance (GCC) upon request.

Our organic baby onesies and organic toddler t-shirts are provided by Zee Spot , an eco-friendly baby company based in Canada. Made by an ethical, sweatshop-free manufacturer in Chennai, India, these onesies are dyed using low-impact, azo-free dyes and are 100% SKAL certified organic. By choosing organic cotton, we eliminate a third of a pound of pesticides and fertilizers in each pound of cotton. Zee Spot also supports 1% for
the Planet (supporting Indian ecologist and activist Vandana Shiva and her organization Navdanya), 1% for Child Honoring (co-founded by Zee Spot with award-winning children's songwriter Raffi Cavoukian), Sustainable Websites (a 100% carbon neutral web hosting company) and Planetair (a Montreal-based vendor of high-quality carbon offsets).

WonderToast coloring books are printed by Frederic Printing, a local Denver-based printer. Frederic is certified by the Forest Stewardship Coucil (FSC), which means that some of the paper they use comes from sustainable forests that adhere to strict environmental standards. They also belong to Xcel Energy's WindSource program,
and do extensive industrial recycling.

WonderToast always uses 35% post consumer waste shipping products when we can, and recycle or re-use shipping supplies and packing materials. We try to ensure that these materials are never used once and thrown away.

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